Adult Orthodontics & Braces

By Whyte OrthodonticsUncategorized28 Aug 2017


Historically, we associated braces with teenagers. Those more awkward developmental years are plagued with “corrective” techniques to help produce the best outcomes in maturing young adults – ensuring they have a healthy diet and physical activity as well as emotional support are just the tip of the iceberg.

As adults, the growth slows and we fit better in our skins. Sometimes we skip fixing our diet, our feet or our teeth during adolescence and there can be repercussions later in life.

In recent years, many celebrities have been seen wearing braces, including Katy Perry, Emma Watson, and Tom Cruise to name a few. This is significant in demonstrating our shift in acceptance of adult orthodontics as a community.

This shift has resulted in an increased number of adults choosing to wear braces to straighten their teeth and correct issues with their bites. In fact, it is estimated that almost one third of all orthodontic patients are adults.

There are a number of reasons why an adult might have crooked teeth or a bad bite and choose to have orthodontic treatment. Genetics is one of the main causes of common orthodontic problems such as underbites and overbites – known as malocclusion. Overcrowding can also occur as we grow, leaving insufficient space to accommodate the full complement of adult teeth. Many adult patients may simply have missed an opportunity to have braces as a child and are now opting for orthodontic treatments and achieving excellent results.

Poor self-esteem and a lack of confidence is a driving factor to seek orthodontic correction, however the health benefits are further reaching. Improperly aligned teeth can cause difficulties biting, chewing as well as affecting speech in some cases. Orthodontists agree that straight teeth are healthier teeth that help reduce tooth decay, periodontal disease and the likelihood of tooth injury.

Orthodontic braces are incredibly successful at realigning our teeth and are effective regardless of the age of the patient. However, for some adults, the thought of having traditional metal braces is unappealing. Some people are concerned that wearing braces might make them more self-conscious or create too big an impact on their lives.

Thanks to modern technology creating a much wider range of discreet options, orthodontic treatment is a viable option for almost any adult. The fact that so many adults now undergo treatment demonstrates that there are many suitable treatment options which can fit comfortably with your lifestyle.

Advances in orthodontic technology mean that braces are now significantly smaller and more comfortable than they were in the past and remain one of the best ways to achieve dramatic results over a short amount of time. With newer technologies such as clear aligners also available, patients have more choice about the type of treatment they undergo. These removable aligners can be an effective, simple and comfortable form of treatment and as a result are one of the more popular options for adults looking to undergo orthodontic treatment.

Regardless of your reasons for considering orthodontic treatment, the benefits are clear and represent an overwhelmingly positive investment in the health and appearance of your teeth.


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