Clear-aligner treatments – the myths and facts

By Whyte OrthodonticsUncategorized05 Jun 2019

Clear Aligners Myths & Facts


Clear-aligner treatments have proven their ability to achieve amazing results over the past decade. However, some common misconceptions and myths may prevent some patients from considering them as an option. Let’s counter those concerns with some facts!

Myth 1: Teeth straightening can be expensive.

Fact: As every person’s needs are different so are the costs. At Whyte Orthodontics we make sure the treatment is right for you. We then provide the best quality care at a fair price. For example, our Lite Whyte short-course clear-aligner treatment is priced from only $1500.

Myth 2: Clear aligners only correct minor issues.

Fact: This may have been the case when clear aligners were first introduced to the market. However, advancements in technology and materials mean that they can now facilitate complex tooth movements, just as traditional braces can.

Myth 3: Treatment will take years.

Fact: Not necessarily. It depends on how complex the tooth movements are and whether there are any other underlying issues that need to be addressed. The Lite Whyte clear-aligner treatment, for example, has been designed as a short-course treatment option to get patients smiling sooner.

Myth 4: Clear-aligner treatments are only for children and teens.

Fact: Patients of all ages can benefit from clear-aligner treatments. The Whyte Orthodontics team can advise if a clear-aligner treatment is right for you. They are particularly appealing to adults who prefer a discrete yet effective approach to straighter teeth and more confidence in life.

Myth 5: My family dentist can straighten my teeth.

Fact: Some dentists do offer clear-aligner treatments to address very minor issues, but they don’t have the same training or experience in addressing moderate to severe malocclusions (bad bite) that orthodontists do. The Whyte Orthodontics team knows how to achieve the amazing results you seek.

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